Friday, February 10, 2012

Portland Creative Mornings + JD Hooge from Instrument -

P I O N E E R : A D A P T


This morning I attended Portland Creative Mornings, a monthly presentation and discussion about creativity, where guest speaker JD Hooge from local digital craft studio Instrument talked some basic and simple truths about making good work. It was a really great short presentation filled with concise simple ideas and cleanly designed supporting visuals. Above are a quick couple shots from the morning, the last of which boils down JD's talk into 12 bullet points, each of which strikes a cord with me. If you haven't heard about or attended a creative mornings event yet, click through and see what's happening in your area. They're doing their part to inspire and build design-centric communities around the globe through inspiring creative talks.

Also, just in case you were wondering, because I always keep an eye out, the best shirt at the presentation is below. Enjoy.


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