Thursday, January 26, 2012




There's something about grainy black and white that says there's news to be reported. Well, this is my blog and I'll be self serving if I wanna be, right Lesley Gore? This week has been a pretty good one for me. Here's what's up, newsboy.

1. I was asked some months ago to to work with Feast Portland, the newest, biggest, and baddest food festival around. The request was to help them fulfill their photography needs while they got their advertising under way. Taking place the 20th - 23rd of September, Feast is a top of the line food festival that connects the dots between Portland and the international food scene, showcasing just why Portland, Oregon, has the renowned buzz that it does. It's been an exciting ride to be on the rails for as they've been pulling in some really great sponsors such as Whole Foods and the newly added Bon App├ętit magazine. I mean, really, you couldn't ask for better people and companies to stand next to! However, the most humbling aspect of this situation is the great local & top of the line photographers who I've been able to contribute alongside of. Image makers like Lincoln Barbour and John Valls, that's some good company to keep. We even got our own little call out on the Feast website.

2. Next up and also something I'm very excited about is that I've been asked to contribute two of my photographs to Wieden Kennedy's Portland 100 show. Showcasing 100 pieces on the white wall by local illustrations and photographers, the opening will debut on the 2nd of February, First Thursday, at the Portland Wieden Kennedy gallery, and all the pieces will be priced at $100 with half of that going to a very worthy cost. While it's totally feel good to even be invited it's also very rewarding to be able to help out with a good cause. Bonus points for having something up in the same gallery that Daniel Johnston recently filled. If you're in the neighborhood and are into free drinks and art/ad stuff then you should head over to the NW side of town and join up with us as we gaze upon what's been tacked up!


And so, that's what's happening.

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