Thursday, April 5, 2012

Missing Posts Are Like Vanashing Muffins (right?) -

W H E R E I S A L L M Y C O N T E N T , Y O ?

Hey All You Kid Capri's - I've got busy on my hands and in my eyes and ears. I've got busy all over me and to be honest, it itches a bit. So my hands are itching, not posting. The itch is over at WWW.ROAD-TO-WORK.COM and most of my time will be devoted to that project for the immediate time & future. Posts may happen here when the mood and opportunity strikes, like when the ointment kicks in. That said, there's going to be a lot of photos and fun stuff up on the road-to-work site. Here's a brief synopses of what it is...

the idea: Matthew + Kristina + Dog. The ideal work life is out there. We've given ourselves two months and an open road to find it.
the trip: Portland, Oregon, down through San Francisco and then across the nation, we're stopping in cities and highlighting our most desirable places to work.

Oh, and as for those vanishing muffins, you won't find them here, here all you'll see is an empty plate. As for actual vanishing muffins, you can see those over HERE.


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