Friday, December 2, 2011

Phantom Sands vs. Haze Days -

W H A T S I N A N A M E ?


Over at my totally official website I've got a new series of photos posted. They're located in folder #1 with the current name of Haze Days. A little wavy and hazy with an edge of eerie, I've also toyed with the name of Phantom Sands. Admittedly, this sounds a little bit like a golf course, but still, I like it. If you, kind viewer, would leave your valued opinion I'd be ever so grateful.

Side notes: You might notice while over at my website that there's an entirely new web design featuring simplified navigation and fantastically fun image slideshows. I hope you like - comments always welcome. In the near future you'll also see some content changes as I add new series of photos while taking others off. I think you're going to enjoy what you find. To top off the cake I'm in the midst and at the beginning of several new projects which hold potential for really great results. What I'm saying is that you should keep an eye out.

-- Holler.


  1. I think these are awesome! I like the first one of the people, and is that last one foot? I love that one, kinda looks like a wing!

  2. It could be a wing, but alas, it's a actually your foot.