Wednesday, July 27, 2011



Thinking About It: instant photography -

I've been pondering the use of instant film for the last year or so. With the recent resurgence, popularity, and vast amount of wonderful imagery captured on instant film, it can be difficult to qualify it's uses, for either good or bad. In the end, as with most explorations of aesthetic materials, quality can be defined in many ways, and none of them without a certain amount of personal subjective criticism.

For me instant format photography is about the immediate now. While many photographers are choosing to use this format within a studio or set setting, and producing beautiful results through the process (example), I'd rather be searching for live action moments in a real world circus, the crazy simplicity of life at the drop of a pin, or, more specifically, at the click of a button. In turn, I'm not searching for the beautiful model in the right form-fitting dress, rather, I'm looking for interest in the aspect of the ordinary instant and the people it contains. This concept can be evidenced in both the images directly above & below, or in a series such as Instant Joy, and it's something I strive to maintain every time I pick up one of my polaroid cameras.

That's all.

This image was shot with a Polaroid Spectra camera on expired Spectra Softtone film.

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