Friday, November 12, 2010

296th -

H O L G A  1 3 5 B C   - girl and pet

Street Styles



Back in September, while in Thailand, I picked up a new little Holga that got me super stoked. It had a flashy red n' white color way and rolled 35mm film rather than 120mm. What's more, when I got home I found that an old 70's hot shoe flash I had fit it very nicely and helped to produced some really fun images (image #1&2 above is my lady and our dog on the corner where we live, shot in low light using expired film w/no flash | image #3 is a multiple exposure set I did of the dog when testing out the flash - pretty awesome result!). The bummer side of this story is that I only was able to put one roll through the camera before it went missing on Halloween, along with all of our costume pictures that were on it. Lame. However, I liked it so much that I've got a new one on order from HK, so be on the lookout for some more of this kinda stuff. I'm checking the mailbox every day.

On another note, the post below this has some Polaroids that I shot on 1993 era 600 film. I loved the way that they turned out but old film like that can be hard to find and the people that have it must be trying to buy new houses because that stuff does not come cheap. Then again, neither does the film from The Impossible Project (if you don't know about this yet then click on over and read up. Note their refurbished cameras...). However, lucky for me I was gifted a couple packs of Impossible's silver shade 600.  It's in the fridge right now waiting for a good excuse to see the light.  I'm having trouble waiting. 

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