Wednesday, October 20, 2010

292nd -


I've been thinking about where next to go and what next to do. Keeping an eye on the future while trying to be present in the now can be a difficult thing. Try to drive forward too fast and you'll miss the scenery. Get caught in the opiatic now and you might not end up anywhere, let alone where you thought you'd land. You can you see what I'm saying in the above picture? Right?

I just signed on to attend the Society Of Photographic Education's NW regional conference which is being held at the New Space Center for Photography here in Portland, Oregon. When I first started whelping images I took a couple of intro classes at New Space and really enjoyed their set up as well as their effort to provide photographic eduction. Through hosting this conference it seems that they've stayed the path and have gained the respect of the regional community, or perhaps they just payed enough, who knows. Either way, with the "honored educator" Harrell Fletcher and a host of other noted speakers, this is one event I couldn't pass up. Harrell currently helms the Art and Social Practice emphasis for the MFA program at PSU here in Portland. He's worked on such recent projects as his collaboration with Miranda July(see #40 of 86) in Learning To Love You More. Aside from that he's had work shown pretty much everywhere and his fingers help to keep the beat of social art and practice scene, something that I've eyed over the last couple of years. Alright, enough with that.  The first weekend in November is going to be alright alright, I'm sure of it.  

I hope to attend and enjoy thoroughly while keeping a keen eye on what futures are possible. You doing anything that weekend?  Okay, how about now, in the photo below? 



  1. you're already thinking about the weekend?!

  2. Em, I was thinking about this next weekend while driving home from SF on Sunday! This particular post is regarding the first weekend in November, the 5,6,7th. present while assessing futures...