Friday, August 27, 2010

284th -

Hells Yeah, Yall. What? Words? A new format? I guess so. Actually, I'm thinking about changing the format of this bog (BLOG?) to add a little text to each posting. I think that this will up the context. Up the context from what you might ask, because, and we can be honest here, there is no context at all on the Bent Moment. It's even worse than the limited cohesiveness over at the lonely hero. Who does that guy think he is, some perverted poet? More than likely, yeah, he does. Not is, mind you, but just thinks he is. Alright. So, if you'd like more context included in each of these image offerings, and Ima just put it upfront that sometimes seemly random it may still be (it's in the head, you know) then holla at me in the comments, Yo.

Yo yeah, A picture: This hit here is a branded burning behind door in a little bar found in the St. John's area of Portland, Oregon. Shot with a Pentax K1000 using zee nifty fifty over Kodak EBX (expired garage sale) 400 film.


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